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We strengthen TEAMS by building leadership capability in the pursuit of organizational transformation or systems change using regenerative frameworks. 

What is Regenerative Leadership? 

A new era of leadership philosophy grounded in a living systems perspective that honors the inter-being of life through a personal commitment to deepening self-awareness and systemic awareness. It views the self as inherently whole and invests in its potential by eliciting self-reflection and personal agency to deliver on a deepening purpose.

How can it serve you? 

A Regenerative leadership philosophy provides principles and frameworks for change leaders, consultants, facilitators, and movement builders who are ready to pioneer organizational and ecosystemic change. 

Listen to a recent discussion on Regenerative Leadership

Conscious Transformation Agents created a first version of a competency framework guided by core systems change and regenerative design principles. Although this image is framed in a linear structure, the essence of these competencies is non-linear and interdependent. The framework begins with a foundational understanding of the interdependence of all living things and spirals energy to ignite and unleash change in a complex environment. It designed for leaders who want to strategically create regenerative systems change in an organization, community, or network.

For more information on Regenerative Leadership, please download our White Paper. 

How does Regenerative Leadership improve team effectiveness? 

What type of services do you offer?

Regenerative Leadership Workshops that build a baseline understanding of the competency framework and how to apply it 

Leadership Alignment and Strategy Sessions using regenerative design principles that deepen team awareness, group effectiveness and personal agency for change 

Whole System Transformation Change Process that focalize change efforts across departments within an organization. 

Multi-stakeholder Engagement Processes that weave the fabric of a network or community in service of a regenerative world.  


about how we can serve you?

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