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Whole System Transformation

We support ORGANIZATIONS by leading strategic transformation initiatives through the design and facilitation of change journeys. 

WST is a time-tested, large group intervention process that creates

a "shock" or "disturbance" in an organization's status quo. 

It is a phased approach that aligns leaders in preparation

for a large group 2.5 day intervention with the "whole system" in the room.

In this gathering, participants convene and unite around meaningful conversations or issues.

This process facilitates alignment, clarity and powerful momentum to shift culture, systems and structures. 


Watch our presentation at World Unity Week 2020


when is WST needed?

The organization needs to transform quickly, & across many departments or boundaries

Your challenges are systemic & need a large majority of the your people to experience a shift in behavior & process

You need to deepen the dialogue between stakeholders

Your organization wants to re-invent itself in becoming regenerative for its employees & customers

You know greater synergy & performance is possible for your organization


WST in Action

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