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Arielle T. Sullivan

Conscious Change Agent (Principal)

Arielle is a passionate change agent with deep expertise in the field of Organization Development. She brings a heightened awareness and intention to her client engagements, focusing on depth and higher purpose. She specializes in the design and facilitation of intentional workshops and transformational conferences. Her background is in Leadership Effectiveness, Culture, Change Management, Organization Design, and the large group intervention, Whole System Transformation. Arielle’s vision is to leverage her OD experience and mastery to help systems become more effective, conscious, and sustainable. Arielle has held consulting roles both internally and externally and has worked in the U.S., France, Costa Rica, China, The Philippines and Indonesia. She has worked in retail, hospitality, aerospace, financial services, and telecommunications industries.

Arielle serves as the Marketing Director of the Pacific Northwest Organization Development Network. She also partners with the Asian Organization Development Network to deliver transformational conferences in Asia. Arielle has a B.A. in International Business from the University of Iowa and a Masters of Science in Organization Development from Pepperdine University. In her free time, she works within her local Seattle community to drive social and environmental change.

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Maja Balasi Sullivan

Conscious Change Agent

Maja is a Conscious Transformation catalyst, a higher purpose
seeker and finder, a nature lover and an empowerment builder.
She continues to be a living witness to her vocation as an
Organization Development practitioner. She is passionate in
helping individuals, teams, and organizations reach their full
potential. She is committed in enabling a positive sustainable
transformation journey for those whom she serves. 


Maja’s career evolved significantly over a 25-year-experience in bringing about transformational change in different sectors like business, youth, women, communities, faith-based organizations, NGOs and the academe. She takes delight in being transformed herself in the process of co-journeying with her clients. She is trained in the theory and practice of Whole System Transformation (WST), group process and facilitation, community development,
Appreciative Inquiry, strategic planning, leadership development,
women and youth empowerment, and Human Resource
Development. She has a Masters in Applied Social Psychology from a Jesuit university - Ateneo de Manila University. She also has PhD units in Social-Organizational Psychology from the same university. Her current focus is bringing the WST modality alive and rooted in Asia and Africa.




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