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organizations around the world

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The impacts are tremendous as well as the capability for change in the organization. The employee engagement that results is an unbelievable thing to see. It is worth it!

It is hard work! It's emotional! It's draining! And yes very rewarding!!” 


John Parker,  Fortune 100 Financial Services Company

"I first met Arielle virtually, in an online presentation she was sharing as part of World Unity Week. It was a fortuitous moment, because in her presentation she revealed a deep understanding of whole system design, which explained why an online event I'd hosted that same week had felt so disastrous. I knew I had to connect with her immediately and engaged Arielle to help me shape and design a transformative online experience for my community of parents and educators. Her insights and clarity were invaluable, supporting and guiding me at every stage of the process. Our event was a fantastic success, where participants shared their felt sense of belonging and community, even online.


Arielle has the rare capacity to not just talk about whole system transformation, but to deliver change by graciously embodying the competencies, skills and awareness we need to get there.


Quite simply Arielle is extraordinarily gifted. Her insights alone are invaluable as is her absolute dedication and passion for spear-heading change in the world. If you're a change-maker or a visionary really wanting to make a difference in the world, having Arielle by your side will not only guarantee transformation for your community, but also critically build capacity in you as a thought-leader, beyond what you'd previously thought possible. I recommend her wholeheartedly and am already looking forward to the next opportunity to work together again."


Priya Mahtani, Founder, School of Sophia

Client Testimonials

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