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We begin with Honor

We exist in a paradigm that was intentionally designed to be inequitable. We are waking up to the imbalance of power and privilege and we're championing equity for the first time. Our workplaces are becoming more aware of leveraging diversity as an asset. What capability enables us to acknowledge a person's unique expression as a whole and valuable contribution?

Its honor. We must really begin with honor. Honor not only for humanity but for the place in which we live. Our bioregions are alive with plant and animal species and many adjacent ecosystems of which we rely on. Honoring life is creating equitable opportunities for all living things to have a thriving, abundant, and resilient life.

Systems theory reminds us that systems are comprised of multiple subsystems that interact through continuous cycles of information and energy exchange. Humans are one living system, nested within a larger system comprised of family members, friends, organizations, community groups, and ultimately a regional biosphere that contains a watershed and other local resources. Humans, just like flowers, need certain conditions to thrive such as meaningful relationships, purpose-driven work, shelter, clothing, clean water, and nutritious food.

We are inherently connected to and a part of our environment and must lead as professionals from that point of view. There is a reverence that comes with that. The richness of our own existence is cultivated by appreciating the beauty of the vast, intelligent network of complex living systems that exist outside in nature. Given our role in the planet's current trajectory, we have a core responsibility to help shift systems towards a regenerative future. We have the skills and the technology. Do we have the will?

As consultants, business leaders, and community facilitators, we must honor the unique contribution of all living things in a broader context and weigh that heavily in decision making about the future. This is a pre-requisite to leading regenerative systems change because if we are not operating from this place, we don't truly "get it". This is an invitation to all leaders who feel called to pioneer change for a regenerative world. We are at the precipice of exponential change, instability, chaos and breakthrough. We need your help. Will you join us?

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