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Introducing... Conscious Transformation Agents!

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

In August of 2017 I was sitting in a field in Oregon looking up at the Solar Eclipse and meditating on my next chapter in life. For me, this eclipse marked the end of an embedded corporate life and the beginning of facilitating higher purpose change work.

Flash forward two years and I am birthing a long-held vision into reality - the creation of my consulting firm, Conscious Transformation Agents. This business has become an evolved iteration of my father's 50 year global Organization Development legacy. The services offered represent both of our efforts over our careers working together and separately across the globe. My hope is to use the processes I have been trained in to transform teams and organizations to not only work better in the aim of a focused result, but to do so consciously.

To be conscious means to be aware of one own's thoughts, behavior and impact in every moment. Conscious leadership cares for the whole and transcends individualistic wants. It is selfless and self-caring. It taps into a higher realm of consciousness that is divinely guided, heart-centered and rooted. This life long practice is something that I model myself as I work with clients to facilitate deep, meaningful and urgent dialogue around a current state.

I'm excited to begin offering a process for organizations and communities to transform towards greater effectiveness and impact.

  • Do you need to come together as a leadership team to re-asses and re-direct in service of your changing strategy?

  • Do you need to rapidly transform a large portion of our organization?

  • Do you want to cultivate deep meaning and positive social and ecological impact?

If you are hearing a voice that is whispering the need for change, then I invite you to tap into that inner wisdom within yourself and amongst your peers. I'm here to bring a skilled eye towards group process, and help your organization access the deeper collective wisdom that is waiting to help you transform.

And we are off!

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