A global network of highly effective, conscious organizations

who are prepared to shift and re-define systems

towards collective abundance. 

 CTA is a boutique, family owned

Organization Development Consulting firm
that is focused on creating purposeful
through the design and facilitation of experiential workshops, retreats and conferences.


in private, public, and non-profit sectors

who are seeking to:

  • Work effectively across boundaries

  • Align on a strategy for sustainable change 

  • Transform and evolve mindset and behavior

  • Increase team and organization effectiveness

  • Unleash collective engagement 

  • Ready their communities for change 

Who is Conscious

Transformation Agents?

Who do we serve?


to transform organizations & communities,

to be more conscious, effective & sustainable 

using system-wide intelligence  & large-group engagement.

The rate of change and complexity is increasing exponentially... 

Organizations need to re-define themselves NOW in light of a rapidly changing global environment.

We bring a proven strategic process that transforms organizations & communities by focusing on conscious change that considers people, profit & the planet.

CTA Values


·     Enables and positions strategic conversations that sustain positive change & impact 

·     Engages & empowers leaders, employees, & community stakeholders

·     Builds capability internally to sustain momentum

·     Works across boundaries, departments, & locations

·     Brings conscious awareness to choices, actions, & decisions

Are you a good fit for CTA?

Ask yourself:


  • Does your leadership team need to deepen their effectiveness and relationships to better enable an organizational strategy? 

  • Do you need to transform a large amount of your organization to enable a strategic shift in direction or purpose? 

  • Are you compelled to increase your organization's capacity to be more ecologically or socially conscious?

  • As a leader, do you seek to deepen the meaning and purpose of your organizational strategy?

  • Do you need a process to convene a large group of stakeholders in discussing a meaningful organizational or community issue?

  • Do you need a really well-designed and facilitated event, conference, or session?

  • Are you in need of a public speaker or workshop facilitator?  


If you answered 'YES' to any of these questions,

contact us so we can explore your specific needs. 

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