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A global network of regenerative  organizations

who design their systems and structures

in service of an abundant, thriving and resilient world. 

Who is Conscious
Transformation Agents?

CTA is a boutique consulting firm

composed of global affiliates who 
adopt a regenerative approach

to unleashing systems change

in organizations and communities 

What is our mission?


To facilitate the Conscious Transformation of

our current systems using 

Regenerative Frameworks and 

Whole Systems Change methodologies 

Who do we serve?

Leaders in private, public

and non-profit sectors who are seeking to:

  • Align on an organizational strategy in service of a regenerative world or circular economy 

  • Re-structure their organization 

  • Decentralize decision making 

  • Adopt a co-leadership or shared leadership model

  • Work together across sectors and boundaries to influence systems change

  • Engage and empower community stakeholders and underrepresented groups in collaborative change processes  

We have never been here before... 

We are existing during an era of unprecedented, exponential change on social, economic, technological, and ecological levels. 

In addition to the climate crisis, we have experienced a global pandemic and are uncovering the realities of systemic racism and oppression, mass extinction and biodiversity loss, and ongoing global political, social, and economic injustice.


Although many are waking up to these imbalances, many of our current institutions are stuck in patterns that reinforce them.  How will we shift into a new paradigm that repairs and regenerates that which has been harmed and lost?

Complex problems require integrated solutions built upon collaboration, which prioritize the collective well-being of the broader living systems we are connected to.


Using a regenerative approach, CTA leads your organization or community through a strategic change process that increases resiliency and effectiveness while transforming the whole. 

Working Collaboratively
in Service of Systems Change 

We co-create solutions in service of a future where all systems can thrive and be successful.

We champion authenticity, collaboration, self-reflection, self-organization and aligned solutions for a regenerative world.   

Are we a good fit to partner together?

Mark Yellow.png

Ask yourself:


  • Does your leadership team or coalition need help aligning on a path forward? 

  • Do you need to radically transform a team, organization or network in service of a new strategic direction or purpose? 

  • Do you want to enable your organization's structure to be more regenerative and resilient? 

  • Are you interested in exploring innovative and decentralized approaches to shared leadership?

  • Are you working in the space in between organizations and need a neutral process facilitator to help convene and align key stakeholders?

  • Do you feel called to help lead the charge on creating conditions for a regenerative future where all ecosystems are honored and uplifted?

  • Are you ready to lead systems change in your industry or community? 

If you answered 'YES' to any of these questions,

contact us so we can explore your specific needs. 

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